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STAT Response On-Site Medical Services
STAT Response is the premium provider of On-Site First Aid services in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest. On-Site First Aid coverage can be tailored to specifically meet the needs of your request.

STAT Response provides essential On-Site medical services to venues such as The Dirty Dash, IronGirl & IronKids, RAGNAR Relay Race, the Pacific Grand Prix (PGP MotorsportsPark), ProMotion Events, Run for Good Racing, Club Northwest, And Events, and the Cirque du Soleil. 

Our professional staff attend on-site first aid requests every week from conferences to community festivals, ensuring your staff, patrons, and contractors are safe.

Through constantly improving our practices and procedures the STAT Response team is able to provide the most reliable and best practice First Aid coverage to any request. 

With over 30 years' experience, STAT Response is the most trusted provider of Event First Aid Services in the Pacific NorthWest.

What First Aid services do we offer?

We provide First Aid and Emergency Medical Services, tailored to the requirements of each individual request.

EMS Bike Team

The EMS Bike Team is staffed by EMTs and is normally accompanied by a first aid station and a mobile response unit. The use of bicycles enables our EMTs to safely and quickly navigate highly congested areas at outdoor events and provide immediate patient care in crowd situations where an ambulance might be delayed or not be able to access. The team is also useful in reaching patients in wooded or other area of rough terrain that are not easily accessible by motorized vehicles. The EMTs ride all-terrain bikes equipped with both basic life support equipment. The team members have constant communications with the event security and medical staff via radio and mobile phone.

First Aid Stations

STAT Response can provide basic and advanced first aid services for event and construction requests. STAT Response can assist you in planning for your First Aid Station needs including inventory of supplies needed, professional staffing required, location, and determining how many first aid stations will be needed based on the location and anticipated size of your site.

BLS Mobile Response Unit

STAT Response can provide a dedicated BLS response units to standby at events or construction sites. These units are staffed by an EMT and carry all the equipment required to provide basic life support treatment should an emergency occur during the event. The team members have constant communications with both the event staff and onsite responders via radio and mobile phone.

Quick Response Vehicle

The Quick Response Vehicle is staffed by EMTs at large gatherings. The Quick Response Vehicle carries all the equipment required to provide basic life support treatment and transport to an onsite facility or waiting ambulance should an emergency occur during the event. The Quick Response Vehicle enables EMTs to quickly respond and transport patients in crowd situations where an ambulance response would be delayed or a normal ambulance vehicle could not access. The team members have constant communications with the event staff and other responders via radio and mobile phone.

Television & Movie Production Medical

STAT Response can provide EMT’s, first response vehicles, bike EMTs, and other related EMS equipment as props for television commercial or movie productions in Washington State. STAT Response can also provide onsite medical services for talent, cast, crew and other employees with any of the service listed above.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Construction Medical Services
Sometimes it is required to have medical staffing at a construction site in order to comply with local, state, and federal regulations. A minimum of an EMT, with further training in OSHA 10, 30, and occupational health will be stationed at your construction site to participate in injury prevention and respond to any emergency that may take place.                                                                                                                                                                               
What types of events do we provide First Aid cover to?

STAT Response services to any event no matter how big or unique. 

Events that STAT Response provides Event First Aid solutions to include:
5k & 10k Runs
ArenaCross Races
Flat Track Races
Jet Ski Races
Relay Races
Beer Festivals
Drifting Competitions
And MORE!!!!!

In fact, if there is an Event First Aid need – STAT Response has it covered. 

How do I book STAT Response for my event?

It's easy. Click the below link and we will be back to you within 48 hours.

Click here to view calender!

Above are just a few brief descriptions of our services. We have many resources available to assist you with any event. Whatever the event from the smallest to the largest we can provide the planning, staffing, coordination, and management to assist you. If you're planning an event and need some help, or would like to simply talk to our staff give us a call.

STAT Response can customize on-site first aid stand-by or courses for any venue size. To contact us for further information on our on-site first aid services and rates, call us at (206)406-2662 or E-mail .

STAT Response OnSite First Aid CPR Training
Workplace Medical Emergencies happen every day! Would you know how to act? 

Nobody expects an emergency or disaster. Yet emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. Employers should establish effective safety and health management systems and prepare their workers to handle emergencies before they arise.

Let us teach your staff the life saving techniques of CPR, AED & First Aid. 

Our highly trained staff is comprised of Firefighters, EMTs and Nurses. We customize the courses to meet your specific needs. Our classes can assist you in complying with OSHA & WISHA regulations. All courses are taught following the most current American Heart Association's Guidelines. We can schedule training at your facility to accommodate your work schedule. We are flexible.

Our key program components consist hands-on training supplemented by extensive video coaching that ensures your staff will learn the proper CPR with AED & First Aid.

Our professional instructors will come to your place of business: corporate offices, hotels, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, homes, schools, places of worship, correctional facilities and convention centers. We can hold instructional classes for as little as 5 or a maximum of 30 students at one time. 

In addition, can recommend site-specific AED  & ERT programs tailored to meet the unique and individual needs of your organization. 

Businesses not only provide services to countless customers, but also have to care for their employees. Given the number of people present and the considerable amount of time and activity spent at work, the risk of someone suffering cardiac arrest at your facility is very real. Physio-Control and Philips AEDs are perfectly suited for the unique needs of the business environment and are manufactured here in Washington State.

Most large facilities prefer to have an in-house emergency response team (ERT) to handle emergency medical responses. If your facility does not currently use in-house response teams, we can help develop an emergency response and/or emergency preparedness-training program tailored to meet the needs of your business. We train selected members of your personnel in CPR and First Aid and blood borne pathogens.

If you currently use in-house response teams, we can assist you in furthering the education and effectiveness of these teams. We work closely with team supervisors to ensure that all ERT members are properly certified and competent in their emergency response and safety roles.